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Community Welfare

NUST is aligned with the spirit of social welfare and so has chalked out a well thought out community service framework. With a view to accomplishing various humanitarian acts, NUST Community Service Strategy is driven by NUST Community Service Club (NCSC) comprising support staff and faculty along with student office bearers.

Responding well to the call for introducing a segment composed of social sciences including humanities and civic engagements, NUST has significantly mobilised its resources to reach out to the service of ailing, afflicted and suffering communities in the wake of recurrent catastrophic floods, internal displacements and quakes. NCSC pursues a comprehensive strategy to address all needs and demands of organised Community Service at NUST. It is pursuing a phased plan to make it yet more systematic and meaningful endeavour.

Some of NCSC’s recent initiatives are depicted as follows:

Flood relief campaign at Risalpur.png
Flood relief campaign at Risalpur:
Collected Rs 1,07, 800.
 Flood relief campaign at Islamabad.png
Flood relief campaigns at Islamabad: Collected
Rs 1,45,500 in first campaign and Rs 36,500 in second
Movie Night Fund Raiser.png
Movie Night Fund Raiser: Collected Rs 50,000. Event
was held at NUST, H-12 campus.
 flood-affected children at Kunri Camp, Umer Kot, arranged Diwali.png
For flood-affected children at Kunri Camp, Umer Kot, arranged Diwali Function , Movie Night , Chooriyaan Distribution Camp, Fireworks and Eid gifts.