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Frequently Asked Questions
Question: What is mission of USPCAS-E NUST?
The core mission of the Centre is to efficiently address and implement the E3 criteria (Energy, Environment and Economy) for sustainable societal development. The Centre is going to create an ecosystem for addressing energy requirements by influencing policy makers, developing technologies, human resources and mobilizing communities for energy conservation.

Question: What academic graduate programs (majors) does USPCAS-E NUST offer?
USPCAS-E NUST offers MS & PhD Energy Systems Engineering, MS Thermal Engineering; and a new MS Electrical Energy Engineering (power) is planned to be offered details are available on website.

Question: Who should apply?
Eligibility criteria is given under each program.

Question: Can I declare any major I want to?
That depends on you and your eligibility for the desired major. Talk to your academic advisor. Also check department websites. Each major has protocols, requirements and in some cases limitations that will affect your chances of being accepted into your desired major.

Question: How many credit hours do I need to complete this Degree program?
MS requires total 30 credits for successful completion of degree, including 24 credits for course work and 6 credits for thesis.

Question: Can I arrange to have a tour of the campus?
If you are currently in Pakistan, you certainly can! We welcome all prospective students to contact our Office to schedule a tour of the campus. Please email or call 051-90855274 to make tour arrangements. If given enough notice, we may also be able to arrange for you to meet with certain faculty members as well.

Question: When should I apply to USPCAS-E NUST and what is the application deadline?
For admissions details you can visit main NUST website or visit link at this page you can find out eligibility criteria, selection procedures and Fee structure.

Question: Will USPCAS-E offer any scholarships or financial aid?
USPCAS-E, NUST offers a fully funded Scholarship Program to the MS students who meet the eligibility criteria. For further details, contact the Center!​