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History and Establishment
The Center for Energy Systems was announced in June 2011 with the vision to be a world class education and applied research centre dedicated to resolve Pakistan’s Energy crises leading to sustainable development of the country through enterprise activities. It was recognized as the USAID Center for Advanced Studies in April 2012 following a competitive bid. It launched its maiden MS degree program in Energy Systems Engineering in fall 2012, the only program in the country, inviting great attention. The Centre was renamed  U.S. Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Energy (USPCAS-E) after NUST entered into a USD 14.98 M Cooperative Agreement with USAID to establish U.S. Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Energy (USPCAS-E), to address some of the outstanding challenges faced by the energy section in Pakistan and to facilitate applied research and education partnership between USA and Pakistan. USAID also funded its beautiful campus whick was completed in USD 5M.  
Currently, the center offers 3 graduate programs in Energy Systems Engineering, Thermal Energy Engineering and Electrical Power Engineering. From Fall-2018, the center will be adding 2 more Ph.D. programs in disciplines namely Thermal Energy Engineering and the Electrical Engineering (Power). This will bring an overall number to 6 quality graduate programs (3 MS and 3 PhD). Management of the NUST and the Center greatly acknowledge the generous funding’s mainly from the USAID and also other local and international organizations.
The Centre’s outreach is triggered by its collaborating partners both at home and abroad. Center's international partners are located across four continents with whom the center has working relations and even joint publications that include NRG Canada, OSU USA, Koroto Sheffield UK, Witts and, Monomer RSA, UKM Malaysia, ASEAN, and Tsinghua University China, Askari cement, World bank, FFCL, UNIDO and many others. 
USPCAS-E faculty has contributed over a hundred research journal papers and 2 US Patents on innovation technologies.  Its dedicated faculty has also contributed to develop industry linkages of USPCASE with PEL, Mirage rebuild factory, Golden Pumps, Short circuit lab Rawat, PECRET, Bestway Cement, Attock generation limited and with many others. 
We have 8 state of art labs at USPCASE named as, Energy Storage and Conversion Laboratory, Fossil Fuels Research Laboratory, Thermal Energy Research Laboratory, Biofuel Research Laboratory, Advanced Energy Materials & Research Laboratory, Solar Energy Research Laboratory, Smart Grids & Electrical Power Systems Laboratory and High Performance Modeling/Simulation Laboratory which are providing research facilities all across the Pakistan.