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Message from Principal

Very warm welcome to the U.S.-Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Energy (USPCAS-E) at National University of Sciences and Technology. USPCAS-E is destined to be at forefronts in innovative research, technology development, and nurturing the human resources. Center is well prepared to meet the future challenges of Energy, Environment and the Economy (3E) nexus. Currently, we offer 4 graduate programs in Energy Systems Engineering, Thermal Energy Engineering and Electrical Power Engineering. From Fall-2018, we will be adding 2 more Ph.D. programs in disciplines namely Thermal Energy Engineering and the Electrical Engineering (Power). This will bring an overall number to 6 quality graduate programs (3 MS and 3 PhD). Management of the NUST and the Center greatly acknowledge the generous fundings mainly from the USAID and also other local and international organizations. 
Advanced research and technology thrusts at the Center includes solar energy applications (PV & Thermal), biofuel engineering, advanced energy materials & processes, thermal energy & fossil fuel engineering, smart grids and electrical power systems, energy storage & conservation, modeling/simulation, wind and fuel cells, etc. In addition to other national and international institutions, we have an active students and faculty exchange program with the Arizona State University, USA.
Some of the weapons for advance research include SEM/EDS, XRD, Electron beam PVD, DC/RF Magnetron sputtering, Plasma Enhanced CVD, Plasma/HVOF Spraying, Nanaofiber Electrospinning, Fuel Cell testing, Solar simulator, HPLC, Coin Cell battery fabrication, Fischer/Tropsch liq fuel production, Combustion unit, Wind/solar turbines, Wind tunnel, Particle image velocimetry, Biomass gasifier, CHSN analyzer, Phasor measurement and the NI Emulation units for electrical systems, etc. Center in parallel, has also invested hefty amount in developing high performance workstations equipped with modeling and simulation tools such as CFD, ANSYS, MARKAL TIMES, LEAP, LabView, TRNSYS, GAUSSIAN, etc. USPCAS-E has highly qualified human resources with 20+ faculty members trained from across the globe in different domains of Energy supported by efficient lab/research engineers and the admin/management staff. In a short span of time, Center has developed strong linkages with local industry and the public sector large-scale industrial and academic organizations. Graduated students from the Center have earned respectable place in academia and in industry. 
Center gives an ideal platform to grad students to fulfill the Pakistan’s need for next generation of experts in energy sciences and technology. Each year we receive large number of applications for entry in our MS and PhD programs. Admission is granted on various factors such as previous academic records, NTS score (for MS), GRE-Subj (for PhD) and results of interviews conducted to evaluate the suitability of candidates. 
We look forward to hear not only from the interested students but also from senior scientists and engineers from across the industry and academia to share their knowledge and experiences so as to emerge as a strong nation. 
If you have question, please feel free to communicate via e-mail or phone.
Dr. Adeel Waqas