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International Conference at Beirut

The NI Instruments (USA)-sponsored Arab Day International Conference was held on 16/05/2013 at Beirut Lebanon. The conference themes were (a) Academia-Industry partnerships, (b) Entrepreneurship and innovation, and (c) application of instrumentation across various technology platforms. Distinguished speakers from Italy, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, USA and Pakistan participated. A separate session on Renewable Energy was conducted in the form of Panel Discussion in which Principal CES-NUST Dr. Mohammad Bilal Khan participated as a panelist with other distinguished experts from US, Lebanon, India, UAE and Saudi Arabia. The NUST flag was kept high in this forum.

Prior to the conference NI instruments gave Dr. Bilal and Industry Professor Dr. Qamar Malik, an exclusive briefing on the line of instruments they carry for applications in the Energy Sector. In the light of feedback received from the participants of the Energy Manager Training Program conducted by CES-NUST in KPK recently, NI instruments were apprised about the important role instruments can play in the conservation and management of Energy in industry. NI instruments agreed to prepare and deliver a tutorial segment in the next such program at NUST, free of cost. On this occasion NI instruments shared a branded complimentary copy of their spearhead software LABVIEW, which is now available to CES faculty for their projects.

On a final note, the Industry delegate from Saudi Arabia informed that his company was in the process of installing Solar Energy to the tune of GW and there is a demand of 85000 (Eighty Five Thousand) Energy Graduates in the Kingdom over the next five years in the various energy sectors!