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List of Courses offered-Fall 2019 (MS and PhD)

Core Courses (MS)-ESE​ ​ ​
​Applied Solar Energy ​Dr. Nadia Shahzad
ESE-821​ ​Energy Resources & Technology
​Dr. Pervaiz Akhtar
Core Courses (PhD)-ESE​ ​ ​
ESE-901 ​Recent Trends in Energy Systems Engineering ​Dr. Adeel Waqas/Dr. Sehar Shakir
​Socio-Economic Aspects of Energy Systems
​Dr. Naseem Iqbal/Dr. Mustafa Anwar
Elective Courses​-ESE
​ESE-832 ​Energy Storage Systems    Dr. Ghulam Ali
​ESE-829 ​Functional Nanomaterial for Renewable Energy ​Dr. Sahar Shakir
​ESE-815 ​Thin Films ​Dr. Zuhair S Khan
ESE-826​ ​Industrial Catalysis for Energy Systems ​Dr. Naseem Iqbal
​TEE-828 ​Energy and Climate Change ​Dr. Warda Ejaz
​TEE-803 ​Conventional & Renewable Energy Power Plants ​Dr. Adeel Javed
​ESE-833 ​Industrial Energy Management ​Dr. Bilal Sajid
​ESE-800 ​Clean Coal Technologies ​Dr. Asif Hussain
​ESE-827 ​Energy from Biomass Thermochemical Process ​Dr. Muhammad Hassan
​ESE-829 ​Functional Nanomaterial for Renewable Energy ​Dr. Sahar Shakir
​ESE-814 ​Fuel Cells ​Dr. Mustafa Anwar
​ESE-813 ​Energy Economics & Policy ​Dr. Kafait Ullah
Core Courses (MS)-EEP​ ​ ​
​EEE-802 ​Advanced Power System Stability and Transient Studies ​Dr. Syed Ali Abbas Kazmi
​EEE-800 ​Advanced Power System Operation  Control & Optimization ​Dr. Abraiz Khattak
Elective Courses​-EEP
EEE-812​ ​Advanced Power System Protection
​Dr. Kashif Imran
EEE-811​ ​Electric Power Quality
​Dr. Hassan Abdullah Khalid
EEE-814​ ​Advanced Power Electronics ​Dr. Abasin Ulasyar
​EEE-813 ​Computer Modelling of Electrical Power Systems
​Dr. Khawaja Khalid Mehmood
​EEE-815 ​Power Generation Transmission and Distribution
​Dr. Muhammad Yousif
​EEE-886 Power System Analysis
​Dr. Syed Basit Bukhari
Coure Courses​ (MS)-TEE​
​TEE801 ​Advanced Thermodynamics
​Dr. Naveed Ahmed
​TEE-815 ​Advanced Heat and Mass Transfer
​Dr. Majid Ali
Elective Courses-TEE​ ​ ​
​ESE-833 ​Industrial Energy Management ​Dr. Bilal Sajid
​TEE-803 ​Conventional and Renewable Energy Power Plants
​Dr. Adeel Javed
​TEE-823 ​Solar Thermal Power Systems
​Dr. Mariam Mahmood
​ESE-800 ​Clean Coal Technologies
​Dr. Asif Hussain