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RCMS Alumni
Today, no one can deny importance of alumni relations with their institution. Alumni are an institution's most loyal supporters in advancement activities. Till date, Research Center for Modeling and Simulations has 149 alumni, consisting of 146 MS and 3 PhD graduates.  Benefited from interdisciplinary programmes being offered at RCMS, its alumni have gotten privilege to acquire employment in public sector and private organisations. A number of RCMS alumni also have the honour to serve Pakistan Air Force. Approximately 40 MS alumni of RCMS acquired fully funded scholarships and are studying/ studied in World Top Ranked Universities of Europe, Autralia, USA, China, Korea, Japan and UK. In order to build a communication channel between RCMS and its alumni, the first ever RCMS alumni Get-together was organised on 19th August, 2017.
To maintain a strong and perpetual relationship between RCMS and its alumni, a social media webpage has also been created at the following link where various senior Alumni of RCMS share their success stories and are a source of inspiration for their juniors and followers.