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For Students

​No Description​ Size​ ​Download
​1 Leave Application Form ​76 KB Download
​2 Change in address 76 KB Download
​3 Library Membership Form 866 KB Download
​4 Student Login Form 87.5 KB Download
​5 Grade Improvement Proforma 80 KB Download
​6 Application for Freezing of Semester (PG Students) 917 KB Download
​7 Proforma For Withdrawal Of Original Academic Documents 77 KB Download
​8 Application For Issuance Of New NUST ID Card 76 KB Download
​9 Agreement - MS leading to PhD Students 108 KB Download
​10 Bond for tuition Fee Waiver 80 KB Download
​11 Instructions for filling the Legal Documents 7 KB Download
​12 Medical Certificate Form 79 KB Download
​13 Self Assessment Form 278 KB Download
​14 Transcript Application 57 KB Download
​15 Need Based Scholarship Form 290 KB Download
​16 Six Monthly Progress Report-NUST 30 KB Download
​17 NUST Research Paper submission-Travel Funding 96 KB Download
​18 Proforma for re-submission of Original AcademicDocuments​ 30 KB Download​
​19 Clearance Form for Students 76 KB Download​
​20 Refund of Security Form 76 KB Download
​21 Hostel Accommodation form 76 KB Download
​22 Research Desk Allocation Form ​84 KB ​Download
​23 Thesis Printing /Claim Form​ 80 KB​ Download


For MS Research

No. Form Description Click to Download
1 Flow Chart SOP for MS Research Download
2 ​TH-1 Form ​​Formulation of the GEC Download
​3 TH-1 Internal Form Formulation of the GEC ​Download
​4 TH-1 A Form Petition for Change in GEC Download
​5 TH-2 Form Schedule for Preliminary Examination Download
​6 ​TH-2 A Form Report of Preliminary Examination ​Download
​7 Thesis Evaluation Checkliist
Thesis Evaluation Checklist Download​
​8 ​GEC Report Specimen for GEC Report on student’s Thesis ​Download
​9 TH-3 Internal Schedule for Preliminary Defence Download
​10 ​TH-3A ​Internal Form Download​
​11 C​heck List Checklist for MS Thesis Final Defence ​Download
​12 ​TH-3 ​Schedule for Final Defence ​Download
​13 ​Thesis Acceptance Certificate ​Thesis Acceptance Certificate Download
​14 Letter of Acceptance ​Letter for acceptance of Thesis by Supervisor / GEC Download
​15 Research Paper Form ​For evaluation of Research Paper ​Download
​16 Plagiarism Report Plagiarism Report
​17 Plagiarism Certificate ​Certificate by Supervisor on Plagiarism Download
​18 Certificate by Supervisor ​Certificate by Supervisor on MS Thesis ​Download
​19 Attendance Form ​Research / Seminar attendance Form ​Download
​20 TH-4 Form Report on Master Thesis Work ​Download
​21 ​MS Thesis Defence Guidlines ​Guidlines Download​

PHD Forms

​No Form
Description​ Click Here to Download
1​ PhD-1 Form ​For Admissions Download
2​ ​Thesis Acceptance Certificate (PhD) ​For Thesis Acceptance Download​
​3 PhD Study Extension Form​ ​Study Extension Download​
4​ ​Attendance Form
​Reserach/ Seminar attendane form PhD
5​ ​Preliminary Defence Form Schedule of Preliminary PhD Thesis Defence Download
​6 Preliminary Defence Form 2​ ​Report of Pre Defense Inernal Form Download