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Luminaries' Message


Message of Chairman HEC on inaugural ceremony of Supercomputing Facility:

Dr. Javaid R. Laghari
Higher Education Commission Pakistan.

It is indeed a state-of-the-art facility, which would, INSHA`ALLAH, fulfill the pressing requirements of computational power to accelerate the envisaged scientific discoveries. I am happy that NUST has taken the initiative at a very important time when not only the advanced countries but also the developing nations are taking similar steps. This facility is indeed a stepping stone towards our ultimate core objective of playing a pivotal role in finding solutions to our pressing problems at national level related to oil and gas exploration, weather prediction, flood forecasting, drug discovery and many other fields.
We must keep in mind that acquisition of such facilities by our educational institutions is just a means towards technologocial advancement, but optimum utilization of these facilities is even more critical. The growth of human expertise is extremely important for utilization of this facility and development of future applications. I also appreciate the efforts made by RCMS regarding human resource development within NUST to effectively use this facility. Continuing this trend, I hope and wish that NUST would also offer computational access and training to other universities and research and development organizations. This will have an impetus on the collaborative research between universities and other research organizations. Here, I would like to add that HEC would fully support extension of this facility to external users outside NUST.
It is my firm believe that if we continue to work together with commitment and appropriate strategy, then we would be able to Insha’Allah, contribute towards the prosperity of our nation in an effective manner and this facility would play a significant role in this regard.