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 Dr. Muhammad Jawed Iqbal
Associate Professor
Transportation and Geotechnical Engineering Department

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
NUST College of Civil Engineering, Risalpur, Pakistan.
Tel : 051-90854160

Transportation Engineering

PhD Transportation Engineering

Dr. Muhammad Jawed Iqbal is currently serving as Assistant Professor at National Institute of Transportation (NIT), NUST School of Civil and Environmental Engineering (SCEE). He holds MS and Ph.D. degree in Transportation Engineering. Dr Jawed has more than 21 years of work experience in various disciplines of Civil Engineering with emphasis on highway infrastructure engineering and management systems, and transportation systems. He has presented his research work at a significant number of international conferences and authored/co-authored several peer-reviewed archival journal publications. He has supervised number of research students and has over 20 publications to his credit.


Professional Engineer, Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).


  • Highway Infrastructure Engineering and Pavement Management System
  • Transportation System Evaluation and Decision Making.
  • Traffic Safety
  • Traffic/Transport Operations (e.g., modeling of traffic flow and control strategies, analysis of capacity and network reliability, network design and optimization).
  • Travel Behavior and Transport Modeling (e.g., survey design and data analysis, travel demand modeling using advanced statistical and econometric techniques).
  • Transportation Planning and Urban Mass Transit Systems.
  • Construction Engineering and Project Management.
  • Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)

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Conference Presentations/Publications  

  1. Khurshid, M.B., Ahmed, S. and Iqbal, J. (2012). “An Analytical Review of Traffic Congestion on Murree Road Rawalpindi”. 2nd International Multidisciplinary Conference Towards Better Pakistan, Sarhad University of Science and Information Technology, Peshawar, Pakistan.
  2. Khurshid, M.B., Ahmed, S., Irfan, M., and Iqbal, J. (2013). “Traffic Impact Study-New Benazir Bhutto International Airport Islamabad.” 5th World Engineering Congress (WEC 2013), Islamabad, Pakistan.
  3. Muhammad Jawed Iqbal, Fatima Masood Ali, Dr. Muhammad Bilal Khurshed, Dr Sadaf Saleem (2014)“Analysis of Role of Media in Disaster Reporting in Pakistan” Proceedings of 1st Mediterranean Interdisciplinary Forum on Social Sciences and Humanities, MIFS 2014, , Beirut, Lebanon Arab Open University, Lebanon 23-26 April 2014.
  4. Iqbal, M.J, Sami, A., Khaskheli,G.B. “Estimation Of Saturation Flow Under Local Conditions Of Pakistan (Case Study -Karachi)”, Proceedings of  10th  International Conference on Application of Advanced Technologies in Transportation to be held in Athens, Greece, 27-31 May 2008.
  5. Iqbal, M.J, Sami, A., Khaskheli,G.B. “Estimation Of Saturation Flow At Thirteen (13) Signalized Junctions Of Shahra-e-faisal, Karachi (Case Study -Pakistan)”, Proceedings of 3rd International Road Safety Conference, Perth Australia, 29-30 Nov 2007 
  6. Iqbal, M.J, Sami, A., Khaskheli,G.B. “Comparison of Saturation Flow Values of Selected Signalized Junctions of Karachi with Previous Studies”, Proceedings of International Seminar, University of Engineering & Technology Lahore, Pakistan. Nov 14-15, 2007.


  • CE 867 Transportation System Evaluation
  • DME-801 Fundamentals of Disaster Management
  • DM-801 Policies, Planning and Strategies for Disaster Management 
  • DM-802 Disaster Risk and Vulnerabilities Assessment
  • DM-803 Disaster Risk Reduction and Preparedness


  • CE 241 Transportation Engineering – I
  • CE 342 Transportation Engineering – II
  • CE 443 Pavement Design and Rehabilitation
  • CE 444 Traffic Engineering & Safety
  • CE-101 Engineering Mechanics
  • CE-102 Civil Engineering Materials
  • CE-182 Surveying-I
  • CE-354 Engineering Hydrology