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MS Construction Engineering and Management
NUST Military College of Engineering (MCE) offers a unique opportunity to earn a Masters Degree in Construction Engineering & Management. The programme is designed and developed to equip graduates with the tools necessary to succeed in the complex and competitive environment of this field. Keeping in mind the professional routine and engagements, the classes for this programme are being conducted in evening.

The CEM Program is designed to train professionals for leadership in the construction industry, including engineering and construction methodologies, project management, and corporate management. Contemporary construction practices demand that the construction professionals not only master construction concepts but also gain a comprehensive know how in engineering and management methods. Throughout the course, emphasis will remain on new technologies, developments, and techniques in both domestic and international construction. Students will be encouraged to take related courses in the Institute of Transportation, in the Department of Construction Engineering and Management, in other engineering departments and in the School of Management Sciences.

Frequency of Offering​

The programme is offered every fall of the year i.e. starts in August of each year. Admission process commences in the month of April. Details are provided here​.

Eligibility / Admission Criteria

In addition to standard eligibility criteria of NUST for its other MS programmes, the applicant of CEM candidate must possess a Bachelors degree in Civil / Architectural / Construction or equivalent Engineering degree from a PEC/ HEC/ PCATP recognized institution of Pakistan or abroad.