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Message Pro-Rector (RIC)

Pro-Rector-RIC Welcome to Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE), established to promote entrepreneurship among the students of NUST. We focus on promoting and making NUST graduates the premium choice for the employers by providing various avenues that encourage personal and professional development.

Throughout human history, a nation’s prosperity and wealth has predominantly relied on possession of natural resources and products processed from these resources. This rule for national economic growth and wealth creation is undergoing major revisions. Knowledge and entrepreneurship have appeared as the most important resource for growth and national prosperity.

I have always propagated the promotion of entrepreneurial culture amongst our students especially the one which enables transformation of knowledge learned in universities and institutes into the practical fields of industry & commerce. It is imperative that we realize the fruit of our efforts in the different fields of Science and Technology and convert them into something useful for our communities.  Only by doing this can we meet the challenges of this century and can be on the path of sustainable economic growth.

We all know that the major responsibility of a university is to impart research led higher education – NUST being Pakistan’s premier Science and Technology University aims to graduate culturally enlightened, technologically sound, academically competent and research oriented productive citizens who are prepared to lead , inspire and serve humanity. I commend the primary objectives of CIE that are in line with this vision:

  • Aligning the university’s R&D to the needs of society
  • Providing technology based solutions to the most pressing problems  of Pakistani society and
  • Facilitating the establishment of social enterprises by NUST students and graduates.
I believe these objectives contribute to the development of the knowledge ecosystem of NUST. 

(Rear Admiral Dr Nassar Ikram SI(M))