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 CAC Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Sector Research Project

In a defining meeting between the Industry and the NUST Co-Chairs for the IPR Committee, a national level research project on IPR has been started. It is a 3-phase project where a detailed analysis will be done on the status of IPR in Pakistan. A detailed study like this has not been conducted in Pakistan to date, and hence the findings of this research project will have far-reaching results. The end-objective is to propose changes in the current IP scenario in Pakistan, which is hindering intellectual property protection and is hampering commercialization. A team of six interns from NUST Business School (NBS) is working on the project under the supervision of Ms. Eram Zaidi, Deputy Director Intellectual Property (DD IP, I & C) and Mr. Tipu Sultan, Industry Co-Chair CAC IPR Sector Committee.