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NUST- NBP Joint Research Project 2012-13

Keeping in line with CAC’s core aim of having long-term economic impact for the sectors within its purview, In the Banking and Financial Services Sector (BFSS) Committee, the landmark project was the NUST-NBP Joint Research Project, where the CAC joined hands with the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) for a mega-research initiative of mapping the industrial disposition of Pakistan. This was the first time that a bank partnered with a university to conduct multi-sector research of this magnitude. NUST students were taken as interns by the CAC, and the project deliverable was a report titled ‘Industry Ratings & Strategic Positioning 2012,’meant to provide value to industry members, potential investors / lenders, as well as policy makers, providing the framework and data repository for the industrial and economic leadership of the country. 

The Certificate Award Ceremony for the project was held in June 2012. Phase 2 of the NUST-NBP Joint research project has been planned for execution in 2012-13. The present project will be based on the same lines with slightly different approach and methodology. The product of the research will be the current year analysis lading to a report “Industry Ratings & Strategic Positioning 2013” based on current year analysis. CAC announced internship opportunity for this NUST-NBP Joint Research Project stretching over a period of 6 weeks starting from mid July, 2012. The applicants were entertained on first come first serve basis. Primarily, students of Business Administration and Economics background from NUST Business School have been selected as Interns. It is a paid internship with pick and drop facility for the interns. Students will be awarded with Internship certificates as well as performance based merit certificates after successful completion of the Internship.