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Career Assesment Tools
Are you worried about your career?


“Career assessments provide insight - the first step in turning worry into fulfillment”


Thinking about a career change or starting a small business? Have you tried career tests and career assessments in the past, but didn't get much out of it? Exploring careers and career change is typical for a lot of people. People change careers 7-9 times in a lifetime. Job changes can average 10 - 14 or more between 18 to 36.According to The Conference Board (2011 survey), only 45% of graduates are satisfied with their careers. That is the lowest level in 22 years of the survey. Many of the 55% who are dissatisfied feel they are in a dead-end job and are eager for a career change.

The new world of work means career transition and the need to adapt quickly. Short career stints, technology advancements, and the need for differentiation require proactive career choice, ongoing career planning, online identity management, and savvy career decisions.

According to Seth Godin, widely published author and futurist, "The only security you have is in your personal brand and the projects you've done so far."

What is your SKILLS Inventory and job search strategy profile?

Career Development centre offers personalized tests to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses:

  • Skills Inventory Test​
  • Job Search strategies
  • Ice Breaking Activity​​​​​
  • ​​​​