Commercializable Technologies
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Marketable Technologies
1. Development of light weight three wheeler 4-stroke slim car
2. Prosthetic upper limb     
3. Solar Hybrid Water Heating System
4. Jatropha Biodiesel Initiative
5. Improving the Life Style of Villagers in Remote Areas of Fata Through The Use of Solar Energy (Installation of Six   
        Pumping Systems)
6. Synthetic Products for Bone Repair and Replacement
7. Design and Development of Water Purification Technologies using Nanotechnology
8. Role of Micro RNA in Rheumatoid Arthritis patients as Potential Biomarker
9. Pharmacological Analysis of Drugs using Patch Clamp System
10. Development of a ‘DIAGNOSTIC TEST’ for Hepatitis C patients by using Clinical Markers
11. Identification and Characterization of Genes Involved in Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) in Pakistani population
12. High Special Cable and Wire Insulation Radiation Cross Inked Counterparts
13. Indigenous development of radiation compatible polypropylene for industrial manufacture of medical disposable 
        syringes, infusion sets, vials etc
14. Value addition in gems by imparting color and clarity
15. Indigenous development of ground surveillance Radar (GSR)
16. Automated Quality Control for Football Manufacturing Industry in Sialkot
17. Fuel Monitoring/ Management System for Generators- A value addition for TELCO
18. Telehealth Care​