Commercializable Technologies
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1. Water disinfection using solar thermal and photovoltaic technologies
2. Point-of-use two-stage filter for the removal of Arsenic from drinking water
3. Al-Zahrawi Telesurgical Robot and Simulator
4. Human fall detection and activity monitoring device
5. High speed low power USB 3.0 IP Core
6. Detecting illegal moves in a game using inertial sensors
7. Health Life Horizon 
8. Making Biopharmaceuticals Cheaper
9. Bio product for the use as a therapy (antibacterial) for the eradication of Citrobacter freundii
10. Engine Blow by Monitoring System for Automotive Industry
11. A Single Vacuum Tube Based Solar Cooker
12. A Process for Making Low Cost Wind Turbine Electric Generators
13. A Mould Free Process for Making Ultra Light Weight Wind Turbine Blades
14. A Self Starting High Speed Vertical Axis Wind Turbine with Distributed Blade Sections
15. A Gravity Driven Sun Tracking System for Solar Cookers
16. A Direct Drive Electric Generator for Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
17. The Juggler’s Drum Knee Separator
18. A Fridge without Power
19. P.C Based Microprocessor Trainer ‘MPT 001’
20. Tracking of erosive burning in high LD propulsion
21. Improved filament wound structure through interface engineering
22. Accelerated production of biodiesel using Photo-nano-catalyst
23. Blast protection material​