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Technology Transfer Office (TTO)

TTO creates clear processes for the commercialization of technology developed by NUST faculty, researchers and students and provides consistent set of expectations  for business and industry partners who wish to commercialize. 

It explores and evaluates market potential for technologies and inventions developed at NUSTand market technologies and inventions by seeking industry partners who are best placed to take  advantage of these technologies, and negotiate the licensing terms to develop a mutually beneficial business relationship.


 Methodology for Commercialization:


There are several routes to commercialization of technology created via research and development in a university. Depending on characteristics of an innovation we can chose from the methods of commercialization described subsequently.

Creating a New Business 

The creation of a new business based on the innovation reflects situations where the innovation forms the basis for creation of a new firm to exploit the innovation. This new firm acquires or develops complementary assets needed to commercialize the innovation. Services of STV or TIC will be leveraged for this purpose, inline with their existing policies.

Promoting Innovations

Ongoing development and marketing of the innovation to firms that use the innovation in their business reflects situations where the right to use innovation is licensed to firms for a specified period. University/researcher will retain ownership of the innovation and will be often involved in enhancing the innovation so that it can continue to mine the innovation for additional revenues. In such situations, the innovation will be licensed to more than one entity. This will occur through non-exclusive licensing. 


Disposition of the Innovation to an Established Firm

Disposition of the innovation to an established firm reflects situations where the innovation will be adopted by an existing firm. The established firm should have the capacity and complementary assets needed to commercialize the innovation. The innovation will be sold outright or licensed on an exclusive basis so that licensee obtains substantially all of the risks and benefits of ownership of the innovation. The university/researcher will retain no ongoing rights to the innovation or its future enhancements. 

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Technology Transfer Office
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