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Innovation & Commercialization

 Vision for National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) emphasizes its role in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. Directorate of Innovation and Commercialization has a significant role to play towards achieving this vision. Commercialization at universities internationally is not just restricted to technology transfer. In fact, it explores various avenues to achieve the end of revenue generation through University-based technologies. Generally, the most common paths for commercialization may broadly be divided into four categories. These include:

  • Contract / Collaborative Research
  • Technology and Business Incubation
  • Equity Based Partnerships
  • Licensing Out University Technologies
  • The National University of Sciences & Technology has been extensively involved in exploring the first path to commercialization i.e. Contract/Collaborative Research through its Directorate of Research as far back as its nascent years. The Constituent Institutions of NUST, in their individual capacities, have also traditionally been actively involved in collaborative research projects with various entities. Similarly, NUST, through its Technology Incubation Centre has been actively involved in commercialization activities through technology and idea incubation since 2005. The University also houses within itself a holding company by the name of Science & Technology Ventures that acts as a vehicle for commercialization through equity based partnerships. However, with the creation of the Commercialization and Technology Transfer Office, the University is now also focusing on commercialization through licensing NUST technologies. The ultimate objective is optimization of commercialization activities through the creation of spin off companies, be it through the platform of the Technology, Incubation Centre, ST Ventures or the Technology Transfer Office etc.

    The role of I & C Directorate is to encapsulate NUST’s research and intellectual property opportunities at the earliest stage, and to translate these benefits to industry by working closely with industry through partnerships, collaborations and licensing.  I & C Directorate is responsible for moving research results from the laboratory to the market place. It does so by being fully aware of the university R&D activities, R&D disclosures and market needs. The Industry Liaison Office (ILO) nurtures relationships with industry and brings knowledge about industry’s problem to researchers at NUST. The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) determines the patentability of a technology and provides assistance with protection of intellectual property. Technology Transfer Office (TTO) assesses commercial potential and successfully transfers technology for commercial applications with the assistance of ILO.

    Intellectial Property Office:

    The Intellectual Property Management Office determines the patentability of a technology and provides assistance with protection of intellectual property. Intellectual Property system contributes to a strong University economy, encourages investment in innovation, and fosters entrepreneurial spirit leading to new products and services for the competitive global market. read more..

    Technology Transfer Office: 

    Technology Transfer Office is responsible for moving research results from the laboratory to the market place. It evaluates  and manages invention portfolios, gets assistance from IPO in patent prosecution, negotiates licensing agreements and periodically reviews  cooperative research agreements already in place. read more..

    Industry Liaison Office:

    NUST-ILO develops and maintains industry linkages to make NUST graduates their premium choice and identifies specific industry partners for  the ongoing research  at  NUST. It gauges industry needs and processes match making  with NUST Institutions to solve industrial problems. This  office of CDC has direct bearing on commercialization activities. It currently looks after two areas. These are:

    Industrial Relations (IR):

    The role of IR is to build and maintain strong Academia Industry Linkage with the focus on promoting and making NUST graduates the premium choice for the employers. IR is already fostering professional networks; therefore it also supports TTO to leverage these contacts in finding the potential industrial partners for the research / technologies being developed a NUST for commercialization purposes.

    Alumni Affairs:

    The role of this department is to build and maintain lifelong relations with the NUST Alumni through a common platform in order to stimulate interest, build loyalty, increase involvement and generate support for the National University of Sciences and Technology. read more..

    Director, Innovation & Commercialization Dte
    Tel: 051-90856211