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Diploma Courses
People generally think that companies compete with each other through their products and services, but they actually compete more by means of their leaders, their visions and their strategic depth in business area. In Pakistan, businesses generally lack dynamic leadership skills for effective business planning and a vision for strategic management of their operations. Keeping in view the need to play its role in capacity building of the professionals, PDC-NUST has designed a series of professional diploma programs which will help them in improving their leadership skills and in creating global competitiveness.
  1. Leadership and Strategic Business Management
  2. Health Care and Hospital Management
  3. Environment Health Management
  4. Supply Chain Management
  5. Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP)
  6. Certified HR Analytics Professional 
  7. Human Resource Management Specialist
  8. Diploma in Marketing
  9. Diploma for NGO Professionals​​
  10. Organizational Development Practitioner
  11. Project Management
  12. Quality Management
  13. Aviation Management
  14. Fuel Processing, Handling and Storage
  15. Oil & Gas Management
  16. Hotel Management
  17. Capital Markets (IFMP)
Salient Features:
  1. A professional diploma which holds PDC-NUST endorsement.
  2. Qualification for registration in the program will be atleast BA, B.Sc, BS or equivalent from a Govt. recognized institution.
  3. Duration of the diploma will be six months. Total course work will be for four months (96 contact hours) while remaining two months will be spend by the participants on a research project that must be submitted within two months of completion of diploma course work. 
  4. There will be two 3-hour evening classes per week covering eight training modules.
  5. The class work for each module will be 12 hours and at the end of each module there will be a30 minutes MCQ based examination. Also atleast one quiz will be given in each module. Five marks will be reserved for class participation.
  6. The conditions for participants to qualify for the diploma:​
    • Atleast 80% attendance
    • Atleast 60% percent passing marks in each module
    • Successful presentation of a project within two months of completion of course work.
         7. The breakup of total 100 marks will be as follows:
    • MCQ Based Examination(after every module)      =    65%
    • Class participation                                                     =       5% 
    • Quizzes /Assignment                                                 =     10%
    • Project (to be completed in 2 months)                   =     20 %