Contract Management
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Contract Management
02 Days
09:00am to 05:00pm
Rs. 27,500/-
Contracts always have to deal with impending risks.  Contract Risks - these come into play when there is a dire urgency to close contracts faster and with quality execution. There is an increasing pressure on contract management people to ensure minimum risk exposure and maximum compliance. 
This calls for a greater freedom to be agile and astute when making informed and sounder sales offer decisions with the right information. There is an even greater need for contract management people to align their shared vision with those having the same goal yet a different route to handling business decisions. This clinical workshop focuses on strategically managing contract risks. Its core deliverables maintain tight control of the whole insertion equation from contact to contract and from negotiation to execution. It provides an opportunity to gain insights into an environment of sound and swift contracting that enables timely high value transactions to take place.
Discount Policy
​ §  Early birds: The Early Bird Disc​ount is available for first three participants who register themselves in next 03 days of newspaper advertisement.
§  Multiple-Course Discount: A 10% discount is applied to each course registration when one individual registers for two or more PDC courses at the same time.
§  Multiple-Attendee Discount: A 10% to 15% discount is available for each add-on attendee when multiple attendees from the same company or organization register for the same PDC course offering at the same time.​
Who Should Attend
• Individuals working in the contract management and related functions who seek a greater understanding of local and global commercial contracts. 
• People making the transition from technical roles to managerial positions, where a broader knowledge of the business is essential for their career advancement.
• New employees and support staff looking for a broader understanding of dealing with contract risks.
PDC Conference Hall
Workshop Dates 
17th-18th Dec, 2019
Registration Start Date 
Registration End Date 
​Mr. Yalman​ Ansari