Global Acceleration Program
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Global Acceleration Program NUST - GAP
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                   2nd Silicon Valley Cohort begins 
       Feb, 2019
       Application Deadline
                                                        6th Jan, 2019                                             applynow.jpg
The NUST Global Acceleration Program - GAP  - is a pioneering acceleration program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State that aims to help post-revenue Pakistani startups scale up globally.
The number of startups that become successful annually in Pakistan remains low and the technology entrepreneurship ecosystem has not been able to scale. 
This is primarily because:
  1. Domestic demand for high-tech solutions remains low due to the developing nature of the economy and therefore technology adoption is slow. Thus, startups find it hard to grow as they have limited access to bigger markets;
  2. The startup ecosystem of Pakistan is still in its nascent stages, so there is a lack of sophisticated investors, mentors and advisors. Thus, our startups need to leverage more advanced ecosystems with structured paths for scaling up.
The Global Acceleration Program will select 9 post-revenue startups in the 2nd cohort. The objective of the program is to  immerse Pakistan’s finest startups in the high tech clusters of Silicon Valley, validate their products in the US market  and then seek seed/venture funding for them.
Program offers:
         -  Lodging and co-working space in the heart of Silicon Valley for 3 months;
         -  Business development opportunities with international clients & partners;
         - Linkages with globally renowned mentors and domain specialists;
         - Workshops & training on Go-To-Market;
         - Access to the Silicon Valley investor network;
         - Access to Demo days and events in relevant thematic verticals;
         - Sponsored office space for 12 months at Technology Incubation Centre (TIC) NUST.

Eligibility criteria:
Applicants must:
  • have a product focused tech startup;
  • be solving a large problem translating into a large, global business opportunity, especially focused on the US market;
  • have proven initial traction in the form of revenue from the product;
  • be ready to enter the US market and pitch to US investors. 

Terms and Conditions:
The program will cover travel and lodging expenses for one founder per selected startup. Support in the form of training, program management, and​ introductions to investors and potential customers will be provided by Technology Incubation Centre NUST. 

​What are the cohort 1 startups saying? 

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to expand into the US market.” Noman Siddiq, Founder and CEO, Cloudlead.

“GAP has given us really good value in terms of how to operationalize, how to sell better, how to just do business in a much better way”. Zobia Zuberi, Co-founder and Marketing Lead, Cloudlead.

Cloudlead is a comprehensive B2B Sales Intelligence platform for inbound and outbound leads that is revolutionizing how sales people prospect.

GAP helped them restructure their sales and pricing model and also acquire clients in the US. As a result, their MRR went up by 30%, and they now have a strong foothold in the US market.

“The sessions that I had with (GAP Director) Sir Adnan were so informative and I have learned so much. Now I believe my business can grow.” Mohammad Farooq, Co-founder and CEO, Wrollit.

Wrollit is a shared economy advertising platform that connects owners of advertisable assets with brands, distributing the advertising industry’s revenues to the common person while boosting brands’ advertising ROI.

As part of GAP, Wrollit revamped their product, made new corporate relations, found new partners in the US advertising space, and established themselves as a company in the US.

​“The best thing about this program was the in-depth knowledge that we got from the mentors. They helped us out in building the right strategy for our specific industry vertical. That is something that was missing in all the programs that we’ve been through in Pakistan.” Usama Abid, Founder and CEO of InventHub.

 InventHub is a GitHub-like platform centered around the needs of the hardware and maker community that makes it easy for makers to design and manufacture hardware while allowing hardware manufacturers to engage with their users and gain valuable insights on their products’ usage and adoption.
During the three months in Silicon Valley, they refined their product based on feedback from mentors and other entrepreneurs, started building a community of early adopters and are now on the verge of securing a seed round as well as their first major corporate client in the US.


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