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Cygnus Solutions
Cygnus Solutions was co-founded by Navera Waheed and Wajiha Habib in 2014, it is a software development company. 

Their flagship product Orbit is an augmented reality based educational application. It presents 3D visualizations of the concepts, taught to students, in real world. It brings the concepts to life by combining the virtual and the real world. The application aims to enhance the cognitive abilities of pupils by engaging them more effectively into the classrooms through the power of augmented reality. Orbit targets Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 4, which focuses on ensuring inclusive and quality education for all. We have a SaaS based model, schools can subscribe to our app on monthly subscription and have access to our rich database of 3D concepts. 

Orbit can provide a complete picture of each concept. Imagine the kids are learning respiration in humans and we place a breathing human being in front of them. They can move around and see the breathing process going on within that person. Imagine! How much better is this way of learning than the conventional 2D diagrams on books? This can result in clear understanding of the process and with this clear understanding what can the kids not create​

Website: http://www.cygnussolution.com/
Contact us at: info@cygnussolution.com​