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Fides Technologies

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Fides Technologies is an IT service provider company whose lead product facilitates targeted direct mail. The one to one marketing campaigns can be run on different mediums and ensure higher response rates and ROI. The application has an online platform for the ad agencies to conditionally insert personalized messages and images based on consumer data. The application workflows link marketing, customer and consumers together.

Founders:         M. N. Younes

Startup Category:         [Direct Marketing]

Website:                 www.fidesgrp.com​

Funding Status:            Bootstrapped & Seeking Growth Capital

Highlights:The product utilizes the data mining, location intelligence and PDL (page description language) technologies and determines the relevant marketing content for each customer and accordingly places it at the correct position and size.

Fides CEO and founder Mr. Younes has broad based expertise spanning over 15 years in IT services, solutions and business development areas.