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STAR(Skilling Through Augmented Reality) is an innovative new way of soft and hard skills training with its AR based smartphone application and comprehensive curriculum. It allows users to interact with machines in an augmented environment along with a portable mechanical workbench that enables users with hands-on experience. Users can also learn their required technical skillset via their smartphones using the STAR app and practically test their skills out in the real world.

Founders:               Haseeb Khizar, Mersab Ali and Nibras Ali
Startup Category: Education Technology for Technical Skills
Funding Status: Pre-Seed

No materials required to learn any skills
Lowest cost possible
Far better safety standards than traditional training methods
Interactive and unique ways to pick up skills
Learn anything, anytime and anywhere
Software can be utilized across different platforms including Android and iOS
Learn both Soft and Hard Skills
Improve Interpersonal Communication Skills