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Vision Statement

Healthcare Biotechnology (HB) represents the complex of modern biological approaches in the field of Healthcare research and the development of novel diagnostic and research techniques for prevalent human diseases. In the era of modern Healthcare system, biotechnology is enabling the development and manufacturing of therapies for a number of human communicable and no communicable diseases. Although individually rare, collectively these diseases affect some 20-30 million individuals and their families. Healthcare Biotechnology methods are used primarily in pharmaceutical industry and modern clinical diagnostics. Thus in the healthcare department, the research training is programmed for the candidates intending to develop their careers in scientific-research institutions, clinical and diagnostic laboratories, analytical services, pharmacological and pharmaceutical companies, etc. The basic scientific research is meant to lay foundations for the future complex and multidisciplinary approaches in combating healthcare issues.  

Our mission is to provide advanced knowledge to students related to health biotechnology concepts by doing hands-on activities, projects, and problems designed to build content knowledge and technical skills in the field of Healthcare biotechnology.