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NUST Summer School

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"Our vision is to guide and provide a better understanding to youth, so they make right choices based on the insights of a top-notch university experience which we will provide here."


“To empower young minds through career guidance in a diverse environment and to help them become responsible leaders of tomorrow.”


Aims and Objectives​

NUST Summer School is Pakistan’s first pre-university programme for high school students. NUST plans to host 500 students from all over the globe, facilitating course classes in all schools, leadership and training activities with all NUST level societies, excursion trips and much more.
The two weeks events will hoister its flag in the summer 2019.
The main motive behind NUST Summer School of Excellence is to host prospective Engineering/Medical/Bio-Sciences/Management Sciences/Architecture/Arts Students, currently studying at the intermediate/F.Sc/A-Levels. The programme will help students identify their areas of interest so that they could make the right career choices.
The courses will be activity based and would incorporate basics of different disciplines. The programme aimed at enriching the intellectual experience of the participants.
The whole experience will provide a wonderful introduction to the foundation knowledge of all of the disciplines that NUST offers in the state-of- the-Art facilities and impressive surroundings.​

​Schools at NUST

The main campus houses 11 distinct central schools which all serve a unique purpose. The departments are as follows:

NUST Business School (NBS)

Educating future business leaders, skilled corporate managers and entrepreneurs equipped with practical business skills to embrace the challenges and opportunities of an ever-changing marketplace.

School of Architecture and Design (SADA)

SADA is laden with well-equipped studios, a dexterous faculty, and exceptionally talented student's offers degrees in industrial design and architecture.

School of Social Sciences and Humanities (S3H)

This is the home to degrees such as Economics and Mass Communication to train students in the art of reading and interpreting society and human at large.

Atta-ur-Rehman School of Applied Biosciences (ASAB)

Biotechnology, a fast-moving sector, is the economic exploitation of our knowledge of biological system and their parts.

School of Chemical and Materials Engineering (SCME)

In line with the futuristic vision of NUST imparting quality education, first undergraduate programmes in the fields of Chemical and Material Engineering were launched in the year 2008.

School of Civil and Environmental Engineering (SCEE)

It comprises four vibrant institutes, namely National Institute of Transportation (NIT), Institute of Environmental Science and Engineering (IESE), Institute of Geographical Information System (IGIS), and NUST Institute of Civil Engineering (NICE).

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (SEECS)

The programmes offer by the school covers all the disciplines of electrical, telecommunications and IT education.


The Energy Systems Engineering degree programmes offer opportunities to the graduates to serve in nation and international institutions.

School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (SMME)

Its area of specialization include Manufacturing, Automotive, Robotics and Biomedical Engineering sectors so as prepare its graduates to perform effectively.

NUST Clubs & Socities

Besides academic excellence, the NUSTIANS display powerful literary, creative and artistic abilities and aptitude for co-curricular activities. In order to provide them with opportunities to pursue their passion in the company of the like-minded individuals, Student Affairs Division is functional under the auspices of Student Affairs Directorate. NUST offers students to join any of these clubs.

Clubs and Societies are assigned to different institutions, who appoint Faculty Sponsors for Clubs/Societies. Faculty Sponsor has to guide and help office bearers and members of the concerned Club/Society . Email addresses and telephone nos of all Faculty Sponsors are listed below:

School Clubs / ​​Societies Faculty Sponsors Email Addresses​ Telephone Nos

​ ​
IAESTE Ms Ayesha Mushtaq ayesha.mushtaq​​ 051-90852381
NUST Entrepreneurs Club Mr Taufique ur Rehman 051-90852160
​NUST Fitness Club Mr Iftikhar Ahmed​​ 051-90852027​
​NUST Excursion Club ​Mr. Muhammad Tahir Rasheed​k​ 051-90852138​
SCME NUST Science Society Dr. Erum Pervaiz 051-90855113
  NUST Literary Circle Dr Arshad Hussain 051-90855103
NUST Material Society ​Dr Usman Liaqat
  NUST Book Club Mr Adeel Umar 051-90855203
​NUST Digital Club Dr Aftab Akram​​ 051-90855215​
NUST Bazm-e-Pakistan
Mr. Asad Hanif 051-90854598
  NUST Adventure Club Dr Muhammad Faheem Khokhar 051-90854308
  NUST Aero-Modeling Club Dr Salman Atif 051-90854478
  NUST Environment Club Mr Zeeshan Sheikh

​NUST Technical Amusement Club Dr. Salman Atif​​
NBS NUST Debating Society Ms. Aleena Amir 051-90853122

NUST Media Club​ Mr Hammad Mushtaq 051-90853610
​NUST Water Sports Club Dr Nouman Wajid​
 SMME NUST Community Service Club Dr Muhammad Safdar 051-90856073

NUST Robotics Club Dr Yasir Ayaz​​ ​051-90856058
​NUST Paragliding Club ​Engr Muhammad Ikhlaq Khattak 051-90856046​
SADA NUST Fine Arts Club Manan Abdullah 051-90855441
​ASAB ​BioReach Society
Dr Muhammad Faraz Bhatti
​ ​051-90856136
​GeneUs Club Dr Muhammad Faraz Bhatti ​ ​​051-90856136
​Archery Club Dr Tahir Baig​​ 051-90856144​
​S3H NUST Media Club Mr Hammad Mushtaq ​ ​051-90853605​
​NUST Cultural Club Dr Aqdas Afzal​​ 051-9085----​
​NUST Economics Society ​Ms Maha Ahmad​ ​051-9085----
​NUST Music Club Salman Nasir​​ 051-9085----​
​SNS ​NUST Dramatic Club

Dr Muhammad Ilyas Chishti​​


​NUST Treking Club Dr. Fahad Azad​​ 051-90855593​
​NUST Physics and Astronomy Dr. Naeem Shahid​​ 051-90855610​
​RCMS ​NUST Quiz Club Dr Zamir Hussain​​ ​051-90855739
These clubs and societies are managed by student office bearers under the guidance of Deputy Director Student Affairs and the concerned Faculty Sponsor. Student office bearers work as:
  • President
  • General Secretary
  • Press Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​