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Student Exchange

How to apply for Student Exchange Opportunities:
  1. Students can contact the foreign university’s international office directly and collect details about disciplines available for exchange, programmes in English, eligibility, application forms and deadlines etc. 

  2. NUST International Collaborations office can also be approached by students to get in touch with the foreign university.

  3. If student meets the requirements of foreign university, he/ she is required to fill in NUST “Application Form - Outbound Student Exchange Programme” which can be downloaded from: 

    (a) For Undergraduate (UG): 

          For Postgraduate (PG): 

    (b) NIO Student Outbound Application Form (Click here​)

  4. The above mentioned forms provides all the details needed to initiate a student exchange application.

    Upcoming Exchange Programs
    (a) Call of nominations for Seoul National University, Korea exchange program for Spring 2020 - 21 is now open. 
         Deadline 22nd September 2020.

    (b) Call of nominations for Sapienza University of Rome, Italy exchange programe for Spring 2020 - 21​
          is now open.
         Deadline 7th October, 2020.
            (c) Call of nominations for University of Malaya  exchange program for Spring 2020 - 21 is now open. 
               Deadline 22nd September, 2020.

            (d) Call of nominations for Sungkyunkwan University exchange program for Spring 2020 - 21 is now open. 
               Deadline 20th october, 2020.


List of partner international Universities willing to host NUST students for Exchange (Click here​)