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Research Publications

Publications play a vital role in university’s ranking and its reputation. The published material pursues further research activities and achieves credit and citations. They are equally important for professional growth and career progression of our faculty. The research paper publications in journals and presentations in the conferences, seminars symposiums, workshops are also pre-requisite for the degree requirement of our students.

Publication of research work in the form of books, monographs, articles & research papers and other original works are means by which researchers communicate scholarly outcome and build their reputation among their peers. Publication is a primary basis on which researchers are evaluated for various incentives including employment, promotion and tenure. These publications contribute significantly towards citation of new knowledge, which is one of the functions of a university. NUST Research, Innovation and Commercialization (RIC) Policy 2012 encourages, facilitates and financially support, such research activities. NUST is equally committed to presents its strength in national and international scholarly forums on this research aspect. Our faculty and students are fully motivated in this direction and have been actively participating and contributing largely through their publications in global knowledge and earning respect and prestige in the international academic cycle. Through this process, NUST hopes to further expand its international network of researchers and scholars that will strengthen these efforts and create alliance for research & education to become a new paradigm of global collaboration and cooperation.



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