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One of the prominent features of any university's international standing is its strong linkages with foreign universities of repute. This ensures that research and teaching are of the highest quality by encouraging a two-way flow of knowledge. This aspect adds global perspective to its activities, helps avoid stagnation and remain current on latest developments in the field of science and technology.

Research Collaborations of NUST with international institutions/organizations are as follows:   

S​​# Project Title College/
Principal Investigator (NUST) International Partner Cost (PKR, M) Funding Agency
1 Efficient Recycling of Machine Waste by Laser Deposition CE&ME  Dr. Syed Waheed Ul Haq 
Dr. Andrew J Pinkerton,

University of Manchaster, UK
5.241 British Council
2 Design and Development of Cost Effective Water Surface Turbine/Wheels for Electric Power Generation CE&​ME  Dr. Syed Waheed Ul Haq 
Dr. Richard Wills, Dr. Sharik

University of Southampton, UK
10.820 British Council
3 Capacity Building for Enhancing R&D in Manufacturing, Testing and Certification of Composite Materials CE&ME Dr. Rizwan Saeed Chaudhry
Prof. Dr. Paul J Hogg,

Head of School of Materials, University of Manchester and CEO of National composites Certification and Evaluation Facility (NCCEF), UK
2.500 British Council
4 Sustainable Energy Solution for Rural Communities through Community Participation CE&ME  Dr. Syed Waheed Ul Haq 
Dr. Richard Wills,

University of Southampton,University Rd, Southampton SO17 1BJ, United Kingdom
2.440 British Council
5 Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse at Bench Scale Using Advanced Biological Treatment Technologies SCEE (IESE) Dr. Sher Jamal Khan
Dr. Nick Hankins
, University of Oxford, UK
4.097 British Council
6 Action Learning in Environmental Engineering to Develop Employability Skills and Experience – Through Use of UK Employer Sponsored Virtual Summer Placement via Brunel University for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students in Pakistan SCEE (IESE) Dr. Sher Jamal Khan
Dr. Parneet Paul,
Brunel University, UK
2.1000 British Council
7 Developing a Master's Level Curriculum for Education and Research in Earthquake Engineering in Pakistan SCEE (NICE) Dr. Abdul Qadir Bhatti
Prof. Asif Usmani

Professor of Structural Engineering and Computational Mechanics,
Edinburgh University, The Kings Building, Edinburgh EH9 3JF, UK
4.590 British Council
8 The Impact of Climate Change on Water Stress Situations in the Yellow River Basin, China SCEE (NICE) Dr. Hamza Farooq Gabriel
Prof. Dr. Jianxin Mu,

Deptt of Irrigation and Drainage Chaina Institure of Water Resources and Hydropower Research 20 West Chengzhuang Road Beijing, 100048 , China
14.292 Chinese National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage
9 Ultra High Definition (UHD) Panorama Stitching and Rendering SEECS Dr. Rehan Hafiz Prof. Cha, Jihun
ETRI, Korea
13.050 Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) Korea
10 National Trans-boundary Animal Disease (TAD) Laboratory  Information Management System SEECS Dr. Saad Bin Qaisar
US Deptt of Agriculture
(USDA) administered through 'United Nations Food and Agriculture Office (UNFAO), USA
2.355 Food and Agriculture Organizations of United Nations (UNFAO)
11 Current Estimation and Future Prediction of Micro-hydro Power Potential: Response to a Changing Environment CES Dr. Muhammad Bilal Khan
Dr. Kendra Sharp,

OREGON State University, USA
4.750 NSF USA
12 CO2 Capture from Natural and Flue Gases by Using Polymeric Membranes SCME Dr. Arshad Hussain
Prof. May-Britt Hagg

Dept of Chemical Engg..
Kjemi IV*339 Sem Saelands Vei 6 Trondheim, Norway
47.226 Pak-Norway through HEC
13 Secure Pakistan Wheat Production through Controlloing Rust ASAB Dr. Muhammad Ashraf
Dr. Xian Ming Chen
Washington State University Pullman, USA
14.755 US AID
14 Hepatitis B Virus Associated Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Pakistan ASAB Dr. Hajra Sadia
Dr. Aleem Siddiqui

The Renets of the Univerisy of Calid UCSD, dept of Medicine Division of Infectioud Diseases, USA 
30.866 US AID
15 Establishment of Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS) CES Dr. Muhammad Bilal Khan
Dr. Kendra Sharp,

OREGON State University, USA
142.500 US AID
16 Renewable Energy Potential Assessment through Satellite Sensor Network & Numerical Models: Capacity Building of Academia, Public and Private Sector in Pakistan CES Dr. Muhammad Bilal Khan
Dr. Sadiq I. Khan,

School of Civil Engineering,  University of Oklahoma,
660 Parrington Oval, Norman, OK 73019, United States
42.560 US AID
17 Capacity Building in Disaster Risk Assessment and Management through Training and Research in Geo Informatics Hydro-meteorological Hazard Risk Reduction Streategies SCEE (IGIS) Dr. Muhammad Umar Khan Khattak Dr. Hang Hong
Prof,College of Civil Engineering and Environmental Scinces
Center for Natural hazard and Disaster University of Okalahoma Norman, OK 73019, USA
10.902 US AID
18 Establishment of a Center of Excellence to Conduct and Promote Construction Safety Research, Education and Training in Pakistan SCEE (NIT) Dr. Rafiq Muhammad Chaudhary 
Prof. Jimmie Hinze

Director of the Fluor Program for Construction Safety,
M.E Rindker, Sr. School of Building Construciton, University of Florida, USA
9.205 US AID
19 Formalization of Information Theories and Application in Safety Critical Engineering System SEECS Dr. Osman Hassan
Prof. Dr. Sofiene Tahar,

Director of the Hardware Verfificaiton Group (HVG) at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
88.512 Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF)
20 CO2 Reduced Mortars and Concretes using Local Secondary Raw Materials SCEE (NICE) Dr. Syed Ali Rizwan
Prof. Dr. Thomas A. Bier
Technical University, Freiberg
12.000 Technical University Freiberg Germany
21 CoralSense: An Undrwater Wireless Sensor Network for Monitoring Coral Reef Environment SEECS Dr. Saad Bin Qaisar
Dr. Emad Abdul Razzaq
Femben, Umm-ul-Qura University, Saudi Arabia
48.000 Umm Al-Qura University Saudi Arabia
22 Reliable Monitoring of Oil and Gas Pipelines using Wireless Sensor Network SEECS Dr. Saad Bin Qaisar
Dr. Emad A. Felemban

Dept of Computer Engg...
Umm Al-Qura University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
47.202 Umm Al-Qura University Saudi Arabia
23 3D Ultrasound Imaging Improving Quality and Information Content in 3D Echocardiography by Multi-view Fusion SEECS Dr. Kashif Rajpoot
Dr. Harald Beche
Heart and Strock Foundation Chair of Cardiovascular Research,
University of Alberta Hospital 0A8.32, ABACUS, hearth Insitute 8440-112 Street, Edmonton, AB Canada
0.342 University of Alberta Hospital, Canada
24 Deep Packet Inspection Lab  SEECS Dr. Usman Younis
Ashok Malani,

University Research Center
7200 Wisconsin Ave #600, Bethesda, MD 20814, USA
7.499 University Research CentreTel Lab, USA
25 WASH Action Research with Academia SCEE (IESE) Dr. Sher Jamal Khan
Abdul Hafeez Sheikh,
Program Manager, Policy & Advocacy, Water Aid , Pakistan
1.848 Water Aid UK
26 Hepatitis C Virus Management in Pakistan ASAB Dr. Sobia Manzoor
Dr. Charles Rice,

Rockefeller Universiy, USA
23.197 US AID
27 Capacity Building of Lady Health Workers in Rural Mardan, NWFP through Use of ICT Based Tele-Healthcare  SEECS Dr. Arshad Ali
Dr. Rizwan Naeem,
13.978 US AID
28 Solar Water Pumping and Home Electrification of a Remote Village in Balochistan NC Mr. Saeed H Kazmi - 1.630 US AID
29 Improving the Life Style of Villagers in Remote Areas of Pakistan by Using Renewable Energy SCEE (IESE) Mr. Saeed H Kazmi
Dr. Walt Ratterman
, Solar Energy International, Colorado USA.
8.400 US AID
30 Development of Guide Lines for Asphalt Pavement Recycling in Pakistan SCEE (NIT) Dr. Tayyeb Akram
Dr. Gilbert Y. Baladi,
Michigan State University, USA
51.000 US AID
31 Interactive Grid Analysis Environment and Advance Computing SEECS Dr. Arshad Ali
Prof. Harvey Newman
, Calirornia Institute of Technology, USA 
10.823 US AID
32 Measurement and Analysis for Global Grid and Internet End - to - End Performance (MAGGIE-NS) SEECS Dr. Arshad Ali
Dr. Richard Mount,
Stanford Linear Accelerator (SLAC), Stanford Univeristy, USA
9.040 US AID
33 Development of Grid Enabled Knowledge Management System   SEECS Dr. Arshad Ali
Dr. Harvey B Newman
, Prof. of Physics CALTECH USA
9.516 HEC/Caltech USA (PAKUSA)