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Benefits of Membership

Building and Fostering a Culture of Civic Engagement in Pakistan

Creating and strengthening a culture of civic engagement in Pakistan is imperative to the success of the mission of the Alliance.  When universities build mutually beneficial relationships with communities, a culture of civic engagement is created. Through relationships borne out through teaching, research, and service, social entrepreneurship and active citizenship are built into the institutions of a society. 
The Talloires Network plays a leading role as an advocate of a higher education sector that connects and engages local and global communities.  Such advocacy builds awareness of how higher education is an integral and essential piece of a strong, sustainable, and evolving society.
The Pakistan Chapter of the Talloires Network is particularly special because it brings together resources, experience, and experts from within the country to discuss successes and setbacks that are specific to the country and the culture.  While the goals of both the Alliance and the Network are one and the same, approaches to the success of these goals can vary widely from city to city and province to province.  A cultural perspective on civic engagement is vital and absolutely necessary in order to understand civic engagement in Pakistan.


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